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The business owner Kai Milward wanted to open a Traditional Thai Massage shop that would provide our customers a glimpse of visiting Thailand. You go to a Thai Massage on the beach or a shop in Thailand to relax and enjoy the experience.

Thais are renowned for their laid back, less stress lifestyle and although easy going, take pride in anything associated with their birthplace. So Spawood Traditional Thai Massage has been an opportunity to showcase one of the many Traditional enjoyments associated with Thai Culture. Traditional Thai Massage. 


Quality Policy

The Management of Spawood Traditional Thai Massage aim to maintain a high quality, professional, sustainable business that provides our customers with the following,

´An enjoyable experience that meets their expectations and encourages future visits.

´Service is provided in a clean well maintained shop with hygiene a major priority.

´Our staff are trained and provide service in a professional competent manner. Massages are provided to the customers instruction.

´Our pricing structure is competitive with other local businesses and offers good value for services provided.

´In the event of a complaint its will be investigated fully and a response provided to our customer. 

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